Educational Speaking Engagements
I specialize in talks and lectures for small support groups to larger scale clinics, hospitals and conventions.

  • "Naturopathic Approaches In Oncology"
  • "Decreasing Inflammation Through Diet and Lifestyle"
  • "Chemobrain" Integrated Approaches to Treatment
  • "Health Care After Treatment"
  • "Evidence Based Natural Approaches to Deceasing Side Effects"
  • "Breathing Exercises for Improving Immune Function and Stress Management"
  • "Love Your Liver; Gentle Detox for the Whole Body"
  • "How to Boost your Energy Before, During or After Treatment"
  • "Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Optimal Healing"
  • "Natural Approaches to Lymphedema Treatment"
  • "Meditation in Motion: Yoga for Healing"
  • "Food Choices: How to Navigate the Marketplace"