Our initial consult is 2 hours long, we will go through your whole health history including your diagnosis and any treatments received.  Please see the "New Patient Checklist" on this site to prepare for first visit.  In this way I can be as targeted as possible with recommendations that are suited to your individual situation.

Clinical Nutrition

Research and clinically based nutrition combined with practical tools and meal planning for patients and families.  At the end of the consult you will get a personalized nutrition plan, complete with handouts and references.  My nutrition philosophy is based on eating whole foods, balancing the blood sugar, controlling inflammation and increasing beneficial anti-cancer foods.  Food can be used as a healing medicine that assists in controlling disease, decreasing side effects of treatment and improving well-being.

Mind-Body and Immune Support

Every treatment plan includes recommendations to access and harness the powerful mind-body connection.  Individualized breathing exercises, meditation instruction, exercise plans and therapeutic yoga are encouraged.  This medicine can be an ally in increasing energy, stress relief, improving blood counts and balancing blood sugar.

Botanical Medicine


Science and historical se based herbal medicine is an integral part of your treatment plan.  Recommendations will be in the form of culinary spices, tinctures, solid extracts, teas or capsules.

“Teach this simple truth to all: a generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.”
— Buddha